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Tawa Squash Club welcomes new members - Online Applications are now being taken by clicking the JOIN button below. 

You will be taken to the HELLO CLUB app to complete your registration.

The Club Manager will be in contact with you to complete your registration.


Membership Types Availaible:


$395 per year

$34 per month

Full senior membership with full playing rights including practice rights.

1 Key tag ($20 fee)


$495 per year

$43 per month

For a parent and their child. Full senior rights for the adult but the junior is subject to junior rules.

2 Key tags ($20 each)

Tertiary Student

$220 per year

$20 per month

We know money is tight when you are studying! Full senior playing rights for almost half the cost. Student ID required

1 Key tag ($20 fee)

Pay to Play

$10 per game per player

$20 per year
$10 per game per player

Like a prepaid phone card...load up as many 45 minute games you like for $10 per game. Not eligible for grading, interclub or tournament play.

1 Key tag ($20 fee)


$790 per year

$67 per month

A great way to get the whole family involved! Two senior members and all the kids (under 19)

Up to 4 key tags ($20 each)

Junior (Under 19)

$120 per year

No monthly payment option

For junior players aged 15-18. Subject to junior rules.

1 Key tag ($20 fee)


$205 per year

$19 per month

Entitled to full use of club facilities between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Not eligible for grading, interclub or tournaments.

1 Key tag ($20 fee)

Off Peak

$250 per year

$24 per month

​Entitled to full use of the clubs facilities at all times except between 5.00pm and 9pm Monday to Friday.

NOT eligible for grading or interclub or tournament play, but are most welcome to participate in leagues & competitions within the club.

1 Key tag ($20 fee)


$730 per year

$61 per month

Two full senior memberships for you and your partner. Both of you get the benefits of a full senior membership.

2 Key tags ($20 each)

Junior (Under 15)

$100 per year

No monthly payment option

For junior players under the age of 15. Subject to junior rules.

1 Key tag ($20 fee)


$30 per year

No monthly payment option

Not entitled to use the courts but can take part in club activities.

No Key Tag

Casual (non members)

$20 per court

No monthly payment option

​If you are in town and looking to play a game - this is for you. The cost is per court for 45 minutes and you are provided with a PIN to access the club.

Book here:

No Key Tag

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